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The rat race

The following excerpts are snippets from the upcomingRap, Race andRevolution: Solutions for Our Struggle . This book is the follow-up title to the dynamic self-empowerment manualHow to Hustle and Win : A SurvivalGuide for the Ghetto, Part One . The author uses true stories from the lives of Black gangsters, hustlers, rappers, and revolutionaries to illustrate important life lessons for young Black men struggling to survive in today’s society.How to Hustle and Win  began the journey, introducing important ideas at an elementary level, while this book pushes the reader to even greater growth and development.By the time a reader is finished withRap, Race and Revolution , they will be prepared to do much more than simply “survive”:• They will have learned about over sixty personalities important to Black history.• They will be informed on current events and world politics.• They will have increased their vocabulary, reading ability, and critical thinking skills to a collegiate level.• They will be exposed to ideas and concepts that the average college graduate has never considered.• They will have eliminated dozens of self-destructive attitudes and behaviors, and replaced them with a formula for success.• They will be equipped with an array of practical solutions for the serious problems affecting our communities.• They will be determined to bring about a revolutionary change in them selves, their community, and the world.Put simply, this book is transformational. On an individual level, it provides practical solutions for anyone struggling to survive, but it will also empower readers to go out and transform their communities