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Team Members

  • Meghan is a Millenial that doesn’t think like one through the mentorship of HUABN. Adaptive and interested in learning about growth and productivity, she likes to learn the lessons via audiobooks. In his past time she does mindfulness meditation and photography.

    Meghan Mojarad
    Ultra Software inc.
  • Charles is our resident millennial  who knows his way around the streetwear culture. A musically inclined artistic person who knows his way with sneakers and fashion. He treats link building like a relationship he’s willing to experiment as long as it’s for the better.

    Charles Hwang
    Director of Operations,
    Ultra Software inc.
  • Need something for the website? Jon is the go-to person for that. He will do the improvement whether it calls for a new plugin or innovation, bring it on!
    Alejandro is the source of joy for his teammates, there will never be a dull moment.

    Alejandro Gomez
    Financial Director,
    Ultra Software inc.

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