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Smart Money

smart moneynounUS  /ˈsmɑːrt ˌmʌn.i/ UK  /ˈsmɑːt ˌmʌn.i/[ U ]money that is bet (= risked) or invested (= put into something in order to make a profit) by people who know a lot about a subject:A lot of smart money is going into the uranium market right now.the smart money[ S ]the people who know a lot about a subject:The smart money always finds a way to win.Americans like staying near beaches, but the smart money stays up high, away from the crowds and the heat.If the smartmoney is on something, or says something, people who know a lot about the situationthink it will happen:There’s no doubt that the smart money will be on Williams to repeat last year’s success.And the smart money says that the committee will reject the offer. More examples